Sunday, June 11, 2006

Numo the supercute hedgehog

Check out the adventures of Numo, the snowflake hedgehog. Click on the pix.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Crap service at 190

I thought I'd try the well-reviewed wagyu burger at the Four Seasons' 190, so I suggested it when a business associate hosted lunch yesterday. There were seven of us at the table, and we all ordered either the wagyu or tenderlion burger. Some wanted their's cut in half so that they could share burgers and try both. Most went for the foie gras and truffle toppings.

The food was delivered with a little confusion about which burger was which. They all looked alike and you couldn't tell the level of done-ness till you chomped into one anyway. Conversation was brisk, so it wasn't till a quarter way through my burger that I realised that it did not have the extra toppings that I'd wanted. And one of my colleagues had the toppings instead when he did not ask for any. They had messed up on who was having what.

I was supposed to have the wagyu, and my colleague, the tenderloin. We exchanged the second half of our burgers, but the meats tasted the same, and the colleague's burger was not medium-rare, which was what I wanted. In the end I don't know what I ate. Which was damn disappointing, considering I really wanted to try the wagyu. Other than that, dishes were also not cleared promptly when coffee arrived (again, delivered to the wrong diners).

All in all, completely unacceptable for the Four Seasons. I didn't complain at the restaurant out of deference for my host, but still feel crap enough to blog about it today. Makes me appreciate Iggy's all the more.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mommy styles Jia-Hui too much like a boy

Meanwhile, in squeaky clean Singapore...

There's this curious symbiosis between good food and men's entertainment. I was checking out with some colleagues the #1 rated wanton mee at Keong Siak Rd, which is of course a well known red-light district. And snapped this photo.

We then adjourned to Temple St for Chinese desserts, when this caught our eye. Check out the killer tagline near the bottom (of the poster, lah!).

Cheesy or brilliant?


Give. Me. A. Friggin. Break.

Unless they are purposely being cheesy to get attention...


I mean do you expect a potential candidate looking to blow a six-figure sum on a B-school to go "Oo, that's a really cheesy ad. Let's find out more. It may be a good place to bet my career on."


Friday, June 02, 2006

The Chubby Hubby challenge

Update: Sigh... I'm not in the league. This is my (incomplete) nomination list.

As I've mentioned, Chubby Hubby is compiling an exciting list of the best restaurants in the Asia Pacific. Now it's going to be a real challenge for me to take part. I mean I love food and all, but have I tried enough of the best restaurants to be a good judge? Take Singapore. I love Iggy's, Hua Ting and Inagiku, but I've yet to try Rang Mahal, Morton's or St Pierre. Can my nominations really be worthy? Let's not even talk about restaurants outside of Singapore! Nonetheless, here's my list for now. It's still subject to change, and will be finalised on 2 June, as requested by Chubby Hubby.

Best 2 restaurants in your home city / country:

98th in the world - need I say more? Need I even mention the gratinated sea cucumber with white truffle shavings?

Hua Ting
Best mainstream Chinese restaurant, IMO.

Favourite restaurant in your home city / country:

For their sumiyaki foie gras, gritty ambience and whacky location.

3 best restaurants from outside your own home city / country:

This is where I get stuck. I only got one so far:

Xi Yan, Hong Kong
One sentence? I got a whole post, man.

2 favorite restaurants outside your own home city / country:

Ditto, man... I'm not worthy! Gotta think harder...