Saturday, October 15, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

This two kid business is time-consuming. (Honeymoon period? Bah!) Between working, working out and spending time with Xin-Hui, spare time is scarce. Plus Mommy has been a bit under the weather, which has been screwing with the lactation and stuff. Throw in a pretty bad episode of the old pain-in-the-leg, and you have a Daddy who is damn glad it is the weekend.

Anyway, I think I'll start talking about things other than the kiddies a bit more now. Have you heard the Zhng My Car episode of the mrbrown show? Hilarious, and rude to ah bengs.

No new pictures yet this weekend, so I thought I'd do a "then-and-now" kind of montage. Mommy will probably not be happy about the way she looks. Sorry hor, darling...

The 4-D was a total bomb-out. If Singapore Pools ever got listed I sure buy.

Mommy and baby - then and now.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

More pictures

Baby is doing well, and did not have to be admitted for jaundice, thankfully. Mommy and Daddy are enjoying the honeymoon period, when the confinement auntie is still around, and the baby mostly just sleeps. Xin-Hui is being awfully positive about her little sister, a situation which Daddy hopes will last. One never knows, you can get jealous of your sibling even as a 25-year old, right?

The 4-D situation is getting grim. One more draw to go...

More family pix.

Daddy is a little sleepy-looking.
He blames Mommy, who's behind the lens today's company offsite.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Baby comes home

Phew. Daddy thinks he's the happiest one to see the baby home. Daddy gets awfully tired in hospitals. Mommy says cannot publish the baby's shi chen ba zi. Maybe it's some kind of celestial credit card number.

Nehmine - still got the birth cert number can buy!

Xin-Hui's welcome home banner for her baby sister.

Baby is home.

Hmmm... Daddy senses trouble.

Xin-Hui gets a new sister

Jia-Hui was born on the morning of 30 Sep 05 weighing 2.85 kg (basket, the 4-D number all never come out).

Xin-Hui has been gracious about her new sister, mostly accepting the fact that Mommy has to be away at the hospital for a few days. The full extent of having a new sibling won't have hit home yet, but she's being a good girl so far. She did cry once, probably because she realised that Mommy will not be excusively hers anymore, but did bounce back quickly. Daddy is giving her lots of attention, but thinks that sometimes, she just wants to do her own thing.

New pictures coming soon. Akan datang: Baby at home! Baby and Mommy! Baby and Daddy!

Mommy before delivery.

That's the new baby!

Xin-Hui being a big sister.